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Savary, S., Fortin, J.P., Bernier, M. and E. Martin (2004). Simulation of snowpack evolution, on the LG4 sub-basin of the La Grande river in northern Quebec, using the CROCUS French snow model. Rev. Sci. Eau 17 (3) : 395-417. [article in French]

Original title: Modélisation de l'évolution du couvert nival, sur le sous-bassin LG4 de la rivière La Grande dans le nord du Québec, à l'aide du modèle français CROCUS.

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In Québec, snow accumulation on the ground is important for a large number of activities, including hydroelectric production. Snow being an important environmental aspect to look at for operations in cold regions, making use of adequate models able to simulate the various physical processes affecting the characteristics of the snowpack throughout the entire snow season becomes also quite important. So, the present project aims to evaluate the ability of the CROCUS French multilayer snow model to be adapted to Northern Quebec environmental conditions. The choice of the study area has been done on the basis of data availability on both the temporal evolution the snowpack at three automatic stations and the meteorological variables necessary as input to the model. Following preprocessing of input data, the CROCUS model has been calibrated in order to evaluate his capability to simulate the temporal evolution not only of the thickness and water equivalent of the snowpack, but also of the density and temperature profiles within the pack. Given the available data, the results for both the calibration and verification periods can be considered as good and very encouraging for future applications of the CROCUS model in Québec.


Snowpack, snowmelt, model, CROCUS, northern Québec.

Corresponding author

Fortin, Jean-Pierre & M. Bernier, INRS-ETE, Université du Québec, 2800 rue Einstein, CP 7500, Sainte-Foy (Québec), CANADA G1V 4C7

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