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Ben Thayer B., Riahi K. and Boudhraa H. (2007). Removal of turbidity by an oxygenation-filtration process of the waters from the Sfax station in southern Tunisia. Rev. Sci. Eau 20 (2) : 355-365.

Original Title: Élimination de la turbidité par oxygénation et filtration successives des eaux de la station de Sfax (Sud de la Tunisie). 

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The possibility of eliminating turbidity of mineral origin (related in particular to the presence of ferric iron), by using a system of oxygenation followed by filtration, was studied at the laboratory scale with an aim of minimizing the antagonistic effect of the turbidity against the disinfection of water. Various tests were carried out on bore-hole water samples (Bore PK10, Bore PK11, and Bore PK14) and on mixed samples (Mixture PK10, Mixture PK11 and Mixture PK14) representative of raw water used at the Sfax water treatment plant for the production of drinking water. The effectiveness of this treatment was evaluated by the measurement of turbidity, the total iron concentration in solution and the chlorine concentration before and after treatment. The best results were obtained for oxygenation (during 90 min) followed by a double filtration treatment process applied to the PK14 bore-hole water. This treatment process resulted in an excellent reduction in turbidity (95%). Significant iron removal from the PK14 water was obtained by oxygenation followed by a simple filtration treatment process (82%).


Turbidity, aeration, filtration, chlorination, optimization, Sfax.

Corresponding author

Béchir Ben Thayer , Laboratoire de Chimie et Qualité des Eaux; Département d'Aménagement et Environnement. Ecole Supérieure des Ingénieurs de l'Equipement Rural de Medjez El Bab 9070, Tunisie

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