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Najean, H., M. Pichon and J. Rouger (1990). Acclimatation of an anaerobic biomass to high sulphur content pulp mill effluents. Rev. Sci. Eau, 3 (3) : 293-301. [article in french]

Original title : Acclimatation d'une biomasse anaérobie à un effluent de fabrication d'une pâte à papier à concentration élevée en composés soufrés.

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Anaerobic treatment of wastewater from chemico-thermomechanical pulping (CTMP) of softwoods was inhibited by sulphur containing compounds. Distillery skips are characterized by a high sulphur content and a more appropriate COD/sulphur ratio than CTMP wastewater. Using CTMP wastewater together with distiliery stops during initial starting up resulted in successful acclimatation of microorganisms to significant sulphate contents.

Provided the COD/Sulphur was aboue 10 reasonably good treatment efficiency was obtained with CTMP wastewater containing to 500 mg total sulphur per liter.


CTMP, wastewater, anaerobic treatment, suiphur compounds, fixed biomass reactor.

Corresponding author

Najean, H., Centre Technique du Papier, Domaine universitaire, BP 7110, 38020 Grenoble Cedex, France

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