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Nicolas, J. and J.L. Vasel (1990). Model of thermal exchanges and of airflow in a trickling filter. Rev. Sci. Eau, 3 (3) : 303-324. [article in french]

Original title : Modélisation des échanges thermiques et de la circulation d'air dans un lit bactérien.

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The temperature is one of the main parameters governing the biological reactions in a trickling filter.

The present model proposes a set of equations applicable for the determination of a temperature profile, and therefore of an average temperature, inside the trickling filter, when the flowrate and the temperature at entry of the liquid, the ambient air conditions (temperature and humidity) and the thermal exchange coefficients of the tower are known. Moreover, the airflow induced by natural draft is also computed when the head loss coefficients in the media and at entry are known.

Beside this formulation, the first results of modal fitting on pilot plants are discussed. With few further developments, the method could be useful for the optimization of the operating temperature in a trickling filter which guarantees a sufficient airflow rate in the tower.


Trickling filter, thermal model, airflow, aeration.

Corresponding author

Nicolas, J., Fondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise, rue des Déportés, 140, B-6700 Arlon, Belgique

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